Step 2: No Exceptions

Step 2: No Exceptions 

"Stay focused, do not allow trends to distract you from your path."

In order to stay strong on this new endeavor, you must stay focused on your new change. There's no point in making a drastic change in your life if you’re not going to see it through. Now that you've decided to become a MNMAlist, you need to start by cleaning out your closet. The most helpful and stress-free tool we discovered when purging our closets was separating our clothing by type. For instance start with Tops.

Tops (blouses, t-shirts, tank tops, etc.)

Separate by asking these questions:

How many times do I wear this throughout the week?

Is this item in great condition, no holes, color is not faded, etc?

Can I wear this item with multiple outfits?

Does this item accentuate my body?

Is this item too big or too small for my body?

Have I ever worn this item more than twice?

Is the fabric sustainable?

Will I want to wear this item next year?

You’re almost done! These questions are here to highlight your thought process, when you shop. We want you to be able to identify your buying habits and if those habits are healthy for your wardrobe or damaging to your mentality, your time and your pocket. After you have answered these questions separate your tops into two piles the keep pile and the donate pile (if you answered "no" to majority of the questions, then that item goes into the donate pile). Once you’re done with tops, move on to the next style like jeans and repeat the above steps for your jackets, bras, underwear, pants, etc. This is not an easy task but it's a task you must do. Trends are circulating at a constant, but you won't have time to focus on what new trend is out when you’re purging your closet. Once you see how much you’re going to donate, it will feel like it's the perfect time to shop, but its actually the complete opposite. You’re still in the transition mode, and we haven't reached the place to buy. When you've completed this step you'll want to hang every item you possibly can, try color coordinating. Now you can see all that you have and you can start to make your best outfits from less. The next blog post will highlight the best items to buy for a wardrobe that will make it easy to build perfect outfits. 

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