Step 5: Follow Through

Step 5: Follow through

If you're still on the journey to becoming a minimalist, you may have found yourself getting frustrated or having urges to divert back to old habits. This is why the 'follow through' requires you to push yourself until it feels uncomfortable when you divert from the plan. 

An important aspect of this step is to write down very specific goals because its critical to develop, track and monitor your progress.

Once you define these goals (i.e., organize your closet, invest in quality pieces, think before you buy) you can set aside time to determine what steps you'll take to actually achieve them.

Remember that minimalism is a marathon not a race, and the work you're doing is setting you up for a lifestyle change that will bring so many benefits. What are those benefits you may ask? 

  • you'll develop a new found love and admiration for what you have
  • you'll free up space in your home/mind when you have less to worry about 
  • you'll be apart of the solution for positive environmental impact 
  • you'll learn something new and share that something new with others (hopefully)

Reminder: Don't be too hard on yourself. Even if you don't reach your goals right away, you can still be proud that your farther than when you started. 

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