Why we’re done with the Fast-Fashion Industry

As long as we can remember the fashion industry has historically ignored and mistreated those who are not white and skinny. They’ve continued to ignore the effects of what the industry has done to the environment and to the people that produce their clothing. Sadly, we are not surprised about the lack of true support in the wake of events that have come after the repeated attacks on Black American lives by law enforcement.

We are not impressed by mere black squares or statements on Instagram. We want to see real, thorough change and as far as we’re concerned major brands like Gucci, Fendi, Lululemon, and the list goes on, hardly care about the people that PRODUCE THEIR CLOTHING so at what point will they care about us? Don’t worry we won’t hold our breath waiting but we will start holding them accountable. We’re over them using and appropriating black culture yet not giving us any credit or support as a result of what our culture has done for their success. We’re over them ignoring opportunities to hire inclusively and to include models of all shapes, sizes and colors in their marketing and messaging.

White models wearing cornrows & dreads and let’s not forget Burberry’s noose hoodie!? If you haven’t realized it by now... let us spell it out for you, these brands do not care about black people or other marginalized people. They don’t care that their mass production only further harms our planet and emits toxic emissions into the communities of the other countries that they exploit. They are after one thing and one thing only and could give a damn what it takes to get that. 

Ask yourself why would you support a brand that doesn’t care or even consider your life? Is it for status or praise? We can’t be sure but what we do know is that we have the power to change the narrative. Black buying power is 1.3 trillion dollars so lets put our money where our mouth is and shop from black-owned, POC-owned, woman-owned, size inclusive and sustainable brands. We don’t want a seat at the table, we want our own table and that starts within our own communities. We deserve brands that care about the people and the planet not brands that exploit us just to make a profit. We urge everyone reading this to be intentional about where you spend because it will effect your future. We are hopeful that real change is coming and can’t wait to see a future where brands are inclusive in every way. Let’s continue to do our part to get there together. 


Here’s a list of black-owned brands to shop from:

  • Cocoacentric - handmade, curated and vintage accessories https://www.cocoacentric.com
  • Ade dream - bags and accessories https://adedream.com
  • Love Iguehi - custom clothing and accessories,  https://loveiguehi.com
  • The Tiny Closet - women’s clothing, https://www.thetinyclosetshop.com/shop-look-book
  • The Koop - handmade luxury candles, https://thekoopnewyork.com
  • Aaks - handmade purses, https://aaksonline.com
  • Hanifa - women’s clothing, hanifa.co


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