Why Dressing Confident Instills Confidence

As we’ve mentioned in our story, we were raised by our grandmother who always taught us to be confident. She was raised in Asheville, North Carolina in the 40s & 50s where she lived and experienced firsthand the racial injustices we sadly still face today. Her family actually owned a grocery store which gave her a glimpse of what it was like to own something that, at that time, gave a black family a sense of hope and pride. Our grandmother was raised to hold her head high no matter what and the best way she learned to do that was through style. All we ever saw was grandma looking and feeling fly. She always put an effort into what she wore, down to the socks. She couldn’t control the injustice around her but the one thing she could control was the way she dressed and that meant everything to her. Once she and our grandfather moved to California in the 60s her appearance became an even bigger topic of discussion but for her, nothing changed. She would continue to treat people the way she expected to be treated and dress to the “nines” as she would put it. She is the epitome of though you may not always feel good, if you look good it just might put a smile on your face and give you that boost of confidence you need. Walking into a room in an outfit that you feel comfortable in can make a world of change when you’ve experienced the days of walking into a room where you’re the only one that looks like you. We thank our grandmother for her constant effort to show up and dress up. She’s showed us the importance of taking the time and attention to present your best self no matter what may be going on around you. We love you grandma, you are so strong, so resilient, so phenomenal. We honor and appreciate the experiences of the beautiful black women that came before us and we hope to shine a light and carry on the true power of a great outfit.

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