When it comes to wardrobe, our belief is that intention is the true way to define personal style. MNMAL is our way to provide you with classic staple pieces that will give you the foundation for an intentional and sustainable wardrobe. We hope that through our brand you feel empowered to create a closet that represents you.
Below is our 6 step guide to help you on your journey.


Six Steps to Building an Intentional Wardrobe 

1. Decide

If you've made it this far you’re on your way, because you've made the decision to come and read this 6 step rule to becoming intentional. Every new journey starts with a decision.  

2. No exceptions to the rule

Stay focused, do not allow trends to distract you from your path.

3. Tell others

By telling others that you’ve adopted the MNMAL life, you become much more disciplined and determined.

4. Create an affirmation

Repeating an affirmation to yourself over and over again ex. “Less is more” “I am enough” or “Today I will be intentional about...”, will motivate you on your journey

5. Follow through

Follow through until it feels uncomfortable when you divert from the plan

6. Reward Yourself

Every time you reward yourself, you reaffirm and reinforce this amazing new lifestyle. I like to reward myself with new pieces from MNMAL, a spa day, some time alone, or maybe a short trip somewhere.