Image Assessement 

  • discuss your current wardrobe & relationship with style through a series of questions.
  • create a plan specific to you and create outfits with your current wardrobe.

 Wardrobe Audit 

  • take a deeper dive into your wardrobe and help you determine which items to keep and/or remove.
  • provide tips and short educational docs on how to revamp your current style as well as introduce new items, creating a more complete wardrobe that you’ll love. 
  • includes clothing, accessories and shoes unless otherwise stated by the client.

Personal Styling 

  • provide you with up to 10 looks for any occasion.
  • offer style tips and tricks for future shopping/maintenance.
  • shop for/with you, if you'd like.

* All services can be done virtually or in-person, please provide desired completion date and allow at least 1 week turnaround time unless otherwise agreed upon. 

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